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Industrial Servers & Storage

Advantech industrial server and storage products range from Server Motherboards, Server Chassis, Pre-configured server systems, GPU Servers, Workstations, Video Wall Systems, to storage products such as JBOD, External Disk Arrays, and Storage Servers. Products feature Intel Xeon processors, ECC DDR4 memory, SAS/SATA/NVMe hot-swap drive bays, and Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) and VMware/ NVIDIA/AMD validation, which are essential for performance demanding applications. Advantech’s 3-5-7 service guarantees high reliability, quick capacity expansion, easy deployment, and efficient management functions that deliver outstanding performance that matches your long-term enterprise investments and ambitions.


  • Disk Expansion Enclosure

    JBOD (Just a Bunch of Disks) is an array of hard disks that are merely concatenated together and haven't been configured as a redundant mechanism. This Direct-Attached Storage (DAS) controls multiple independent disks at same time without fancy features at a relatively lower cost compared with other system options. Our Disk Expansion Enclosure reliably provides a lot of storage capacity for the host by single interface to fit industrial applications.

  • Nvidia GPU cards

    Nvidia can provide processor card and graphical cards for filled with AI/VR application.Nvidia is not only support hardware GPU card, but also you can leverage their library to build your programing.

    • Nvidia NVS GPU cards

      NVIDIA® NVS™ graphics boards deliver everything you need to drive any kind of multi-display installation for your business.
    • Nvidia Quadro GPU cards

      Powerful, efficient visualization. Professionals trust them to deliver the best possible experience with solutions for Telecommunications, Medical, Scientific Imaging, Casino Gaming and Surveillance
    • Nvidia Tesla GPU cards

      GPU-accelerated computing is the use of a graphics processing unit (GPU) together with a CPU to accelerate deep learning, analytics, and engineering applications.
  • Storage Server

    Advantech Industrial Storage Servers (IStorage) is the high-density solution with exceptional I/O capability to maximize performance while balancing the space and power efficiency. Serving as Network-attached Storage (NAS), Advantech Storage Server solutions have comprehensive fault-tolerant capability with H/W RAID and hot-expansion capability via JBOD. They are designed to accelerate real-time application including online transactional processing (OLTP), online analytical processing (OLAP), virtual desktop infrastructures, technical computing applications, and cloud environments. Advantech Industrial Storage Servers (IStorage) achieve enterprise reliability and high availability.

    • SKY-4311

      1U Rackmount Dual Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v3/v4 Storage Server, with up to 8 2.5" NVMe SSDs and 2 PCIe Gen III x8 Slots
    • ASR-3100

      1U Rackmount dual Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v3/v4 NVMe Storage Server, supporting up to 16x 2.5" NVMe SSD and 2x PCIe Gen III x8 slot
  • External Disk Array

    The Advantech external disk array is designed to provide systems with the ability to consolidate and share data at an affordable price, while leveraging advanced software capabilities usually found in more expensive mid-range & high-end systems. We provide External Disk Array in storage area network (SAN) to access to consolidated, block level data storage. With reliability for surveillance and high-availability zero down time, Advantech SAN disk array is the solution for your mission-critical service.

  • GPU Server

    Advantech GPU powered rackmount/tower servers that offer massive parallel computing power and unrivaled networking flexibility. It is designed to deliver ample processing power for the most computationally-intensive applications. GPU-accelerated computing takes advantage of the massive parallel architecture of graphics processing units (GPU) for compute-intensive tasks, while the rest of application code runs on the CPU. Advantech's AGS series GPU servers are ideal for accelerating big data applications in automated optical inspection (AOI), surveillance, video transcoding, cloud gaming, and medical imaging markets. To learn more, please visit:

    • HPC-7483-S923

      4U GPU Server System With Dual Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v4 CPU, Supporting up to 4* GPU cards and 1800W RPS
    • AGS-913

      1U Rackmount Xeon E5-2600 v3 GPU server, Supporting 3 x PCIe x16 double-depth card and 1 x PCIe x8 single-depth FH/HL card
    • AGS-910

      1U-Einschubgehäuse Xeon E5-2600(v2) GPU-Server, unterstützt 3 x PCIe x16-Double-Deck-Karten und 1 x PCIe x8-Single-Deck-FH/HL-Karte
    • AGS-923

      2U Rackmount Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v3 GPU server, Supporting 4 x PCIe x16 double-depth card and 1 x PCIe x8 single-depth FH/HL card
    • AGS-920

      2U Rackmount Intel® Xeon® E5-2600(v2) GPU server, Supporting 4 x PCIe x16 double-deck card 1 x PCIe x8 FH/HL card
    • HPC-7400-S813

      4U GPU Server System With Xeon E5-2600 v3 CPU, support up to 2 GPU cards and 1400W RPS. Please refer to datasheet for detailed ordering information.
    • HPC-7400-S923

      4U GPU Server System With Dual Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v3 CPU, Supporting up to 3* GPU cards and 1400W RPS
  • Serverplatine

    Die industrietauglichen Serverboards von Advantech sind zuverlässig und langlebig.

    • ASMB-260

      Intel® Atom™ C3000 Mini-ITX Server Board with 4 DDR4 DIMM, one PCIe x4 Slot (Gen 3.0), 8 SATA III, IPMI
    • ASMB-925

      Dual LGA3647-P0 Intel® Xeon®Scalable EATX Server Board with 12 DDR4, 5 PCIe x16 1 PCIe x8 1 PCI, 8 SATA3, 6 USB3.0, Dual 10GbE, IPMI
    • ASMB-975

      Dual LGA 3647-P0 Intel® Xeon® Server Board with 12 DDR4, 4 PCIe x16 1 PCIe x8 4 PCIe x4, 14 SATA3, 8 USB3.0, Dual 10GbE, IPMI
    • ASMB-815

      LGA 3647-P0 Intel® Xeon® Scalable ATX Server Board with 6 DDR4, 5 PCIe x8 or 2 PCIe x16 and 1 PCIe x8, 8 SATA3, 6 USB3.0, Dual 10GbE, IPMI
    • ASMB-825

      Dual LGA 3647-P0 Intel® Xeon® Scalable ATX Server Board with 6 DDR4, 4 PCIe x16 2 PCIe x8, 8 SATA3, 6 USB3.0, Dual 10GbE, IPMI
    • ASMB-923

      Dual LGA 2011-R3 Intel® Xeon®  E5-2600 v3/v4 EATX Server Board with DDR4, 4 PCIe x16 2 PCIe x8(Gen 3.0),  4 USB 3.0
    • ASMB-922

      Dual LGA 2011 Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 (v2) EATX-Server-Board mit DDR3, 3 PCIe x16, 1 PCIe x8 (Gen 3.0), PME-Unterstützung
    • ASMB-913

      Dual LGA 2011-R3 Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v3/v4 EATX Server Board with 16 x DDR4 DIMM, 3 PCIe x16, 6 USB 3.0, PME support
    • ASMB-823

      Dual LGA 2011-R3 Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v3/v4 ATX Server Board with DDR4, 4 PCIe x16, 6 USB 3.0, SATA3, Dual LAN, IPMI 2.0
    • ASMB-822

      Intel LGA2011 Xeon® E5 ATX-Server-Board mit 6 x DDR3, 5 x PCIe x16 (Gen 3.0), USB 3.0, IPMI
    • ASMB-813

      LGA 2011-R3 Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v3/v4  ATX Server Board with 8 DDR4 DIMM, 5 PCIe x16 Slot (Gen 3.0), 6 USB 3.0, IPMI
    • ASMB-785

      LGA 1151 Intel® Xeon® E3 v5/v6 & 6th/7th Generation Core™ ATX Server Board with DDR4, 4 PCIe, 3 PCI, 6 USB 3.0, 6 COM, 6 SATA3, Quad/Dual LANs
    • ASMB-784

      LGA 1150 Intel® Xeon® E3 V3 ATX-Server-Board mit 2 PCIe x16 (x8 link) oder 1 PCIe x16 (x16-Link), 3 PCI, USB 3.0, PCIe Gen III, Quad/Dual-LANs
    • ASMB-782

      LGA 1155 Intel® Xeon® E3 V2 ATX-Server-Board mit 2 PCIe x16 (x8 link), 2 PCIe x4, USB 3.0, PCIe Gen III, Quad-LANs
    • ASMB-781

      LGA 1155 Intel® Xeon® E3 ATX-Server-Board mit 1 PCIe x16 oder 2 PCIe x8, Quad-LANs
    • ASMB-585

      LGA 1151 Intel® Xeon® E3 v5/v6 & 6th/7th Generation Core i series MicroATX Server Board with 4 DDR4, 1 PCIe x16, 3 PCIe x4, Quad LANs, USB 3.0
    • ASMB-584

      LGA 1150 Intel® Xeon® E3 V3 Micro ATX-Server-Board mit 2 PCIe x16 (x8 link), 1 PCIe x4, 1 PCI, USB 3.0, PCIe Gen III und Dual-LANs
  • 1U-Servergehäuse

    Advantech bietet gewerbliche Server für verschiedene Serversysteme. Das 1U-Servergehäuse ist für verschiedene Formate geeignet, verfügt über eine redundante Stromversorgung, hot-swap-fähige SATA/SAS-Festplatten sowie Lüfter, die einen Betrieb rund um die Uhr zulassen. Das für den Industriebereich entwickelte 1U-Servergehäuse von Advantech unterstützt verschiedene Konfigurationen, kann für unterschiedliche Anwendungsbereiche eingesetzt werden und wird über einen sehr langen Zeitraum unterstützt.and can fulfill customer application needs for different kinds of server systems.

    • HPC-7120S

      1U Short Depth Server Chassis for MicroATX/ATX Server board with 1 full-height/half-length PCIe x16 Expansion Slot
    • HPC-7120

      1U Short Depth Server Chassis for MicroATX/ATX/EATX Server board with 2 x 2.5" Hot-swap Drive Bays and 1 full-height/half-length PCIe x16 Expansion Slot
    • HPC-7140

      1U Rackmount Server Chassis for MircoATX/ATX Server board with 4 x 3.5" Hot-swap Drive Bays and 1 full-height/half-length PCI-E x16 Expansion Slot
    • HPC-7180

      Server-Chassis für EATX-Server-Boards mit 8 x 2,5"-Hot-Swap-Laufwerkschächte und 1 FH/FL PCI-E x16-Erweiterungssteckplatz für 1U-Einschubgehäuse
  • 2U-Servergehäuse

    Das hochdichte 2U-Servergehäuse HPC-7280 von Advantech ist kompatibel in verschiedenen Formfaktoren, besitzt redundante Stromversorgungsfunktionalität, Hot-Swap-fähige SATA/SAS-Festplatten und Kühllüfter, die für den 24x7-Betrieb ausgelegt sind. Es unterstützt mehrere Konfigurationen, stellt die langfristige Verfügbarkeit sicher und kann eine Vielzahl von kundenspezifischen Anwendungsanforderungen erfüllen.

  • 3U Chassis

    Advantech industrial 3U server chassis supporting MicroATX/ATX/EATX serverboards and wide selection of single and redundant power supply solution from 350W to 700W fulfills customized applications with different server systems. With user-friendly short-depth design, it saves more space and could be perfectly stored in style of tower, rackmount and wallmount. Also, our 3U server chassis is designed with front-accessible system fan without opening top cover for easy maintenance. The optional quiet sku provides true performance and ultimate reliability, while maintaining near silent noise levels.

  • 4U-Servergehäuse

    Die robusten 4U-Servergehäuse von Advantech bieten hohe Speicherkapazitäten und redundante Stromversorgung. Davon können industrielle Anwendungen vor allem bei kritischen Aufgaben profitieren. Das HPC-7480 ist ein 4U-Turm-/Rackmount-Servergehäuse für EATX-Serverboards mit 8 Hot-Swap-fähigen Festplattenkäfigen.

  • Tower Chassis

    Advantech offers Tower Chassis that provides stylish out looking and enhanced storage capacity and high-efficiency single/redundant power supplies to benefit Industrial server or workstation applications such as Digital Surveillance, AOI, and Medical Imaging. For different applications, Advantech Tower Chassis are designed for micro-ATX / ATX / EATX serverboards that can fulfill customized requirements and pass their critical tasks.

  • Video-Wall-Controller

    Der Video-Wall-Controller von Advantech wurde für Videowand-Anwendungen entwickelt und wird vom Matrox-Labor streng validiert. Der Videoserver ist mit der Mura-MPX-Serie kompatibel, arbeitet zuverlässig im Industriebereich und ist am besten für Videoserverfunktionen geeignet.

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