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Mobile Industrieautomationscomputer

Die industriellen, mobilen Computing-Lösungen von Advantech decken eine große Bandbreite ab. Das reicht von mobilen Datenterminals und fahrzeugmontierten Computern für die verschiedensten Branchen bis hin zum Flottenmanagement, zur Lagerverwaltung und zum Bergbau. Advantech bietet integrierte Lösungen für alle Aspekte des industriellen mobilen Computings: Systeme, die in einem großen Temperaturbereich eingesetzt werden; zertifizierte Stromversorgungssysteme; x86- und RISC-basierte Architekturen, eine vollständige RF-Protokollsuite; standardisierte Tools für die Fahrzeugdiagnose; vielfältige I/O-Anschlüsse; Vibrations- und Stoßfestigkeit sowie umfassende Software Development Kits für die effiziente Anwendungsentwicklung, um die Time-to Market für Systemintegratoren zu verkürzen und die Kosten zu senken.


  • Mounting Accessories

    Die Fahrzeugcomputer von Advantech sind schlank und kompakt und können dadurch in den vielfältigsten Arbeitsumgebungen und für die verschiedensten Anwendungen eingesetzt werden. Integrierte Montagebohrungen und -vorrichtungen ermöglichen die einfache, flexible Installation. Darüber hinaus bietet Advantech individuelle Services, um die vielfältigen Integrationsanforderungen der Kunden zu erfüllen.

    • TREK-CAM-262

      Waterproof Audio CCD Camera
    • TREK-CAM-240-X1N3E

      Anti-vandal Rear View Camera (NTSC)
    • TREK-ANT-201-GWL3E

      TREK-ANT-20X is a 3 in 1 GPS-GLONASS, LTE Cellular 2G/3G/4G and Wi-Fi 2.4/5GHz antenna is a low profile, heavy-duty, fully IP67 waterproof external M2M antenna for use by RF professionals in telematics, transportation and remote monitoring applications. The Stream 3in1 is unique in the market as it combines the highest possible efficiency and peak gain for GPS-GLONASS, Wi-Fi dual-band 2.4/5GHz and all cellular bands in 2G/3G/4G in a low profile compact format for mounting via high quality first tier automotive approved 3M adhesive foam.
    • TREK-ANT-501-GWH5E

      TREK-ANT-20X is a heavy-duty antenna, fully IP67 waterproof external M2M antenna for use in telematics, transportation and remote monitoring applications. The Spartan is unique in the market because it combines a 3in1 GPS/GLONASS, Cellular (2G and 3G) and Wi-Fi, heavy-duty antenna with high efficiency in a compact format. The antenna screws down permanently onto a roof or metal panel and can be pole or wall-mounted with a metal bracket. For industries such as commercial vehicle telematics, remote monitoring, smart meter systems and construction equipment, the spartan provides a robust, rugged antenna that is durable, even in extreme environments. All while still maintaining 20dB isolation between antennas. It uses high-shielded PTFE dielectric ultra-low-loss cables that maintain lowattenuation at all frequency bands, with an average 0.3dB per meter (0.1dB per foot), compared to 0.7dB for RG58 and 1.2dB for RG174. Because of this, the Spartan maximizes chances of passing PTCRB and network approvals first time. The Spartan also has excellent GPS/GLONASS reception without need to attach to an external ground-plane due to coupling to its unique own metal base.
    • TREK-ANT-502-GH5E

      TREK-Ant-50Xis 2in1 GPS/GLONASS & Cellular combination antenna is an extremely low profile combination high performance GPS/GLONASS and pentad-band cellular antenna solution for professional telematics applications.At only 22 mm height it is the lowest profile antenna in the market, with a diameter of 55mm.It is designed to be mounted and couple to the metal structures it attaches to radiate. Durable UV ABS housing, thread and nut is resistant to vandalism and direct attack.The IP67 waterproof robust plastic body makes it extremely light, economical for shipping and minimum weight impact on vehicles. This also makes it ideal for use in humid environments such as water pits or marine applications as there are no external metal parts to corrode. The closed cell foam with double-sided adhesive provides a permanent waterproof seal and can adjust to different curvatures, stopping water from leaking under the antenna into the mounting hole.
    • RAM-MOUNT-01

      Doppelter 5,625"-Sockelarm für 1,5"-Ballsockel
    • RAM-MOUNT-02

      Doppelter 5,625"-Sockelarm für 1,5"-Ballsockel
    • RAM-MOUNT-06E

      Doppelter 5,625"-Sockelarm für 1,5"-Ballsockel
    • RAM-MOUNT-07E

      Doppelter 5,625"-Sockelarm für 1,5"-Ballsockel
    • 9668TREK37E

      E/A-Kunststoffabdeckung mit Gummidichtung
  • Mobile Data Terminal

    Die mobile Datenterminal-Lösung von Advantech bietet zuverlässige standortbasierte Services für alle Flottenmanagement-Anwendungen und erleichtert den Flottenbetreibern die Einsatzplanung und Ortung ihrer mobilen Ressourcen. Der Fahrzeugcomputer TREK von Advantech wurde speziell für Flottenmanagement-Anwendungen entwickelt. Durch sein besonderes Wärme- und Vibrationsdesign kann er die spezifischen Anforderungen von Transportunternehmen erfüllen.

    • TREK-733L

      TREK-733L is designed as an open platform (RISC) in Android 4.4 with 7" display all-in-one light duty MDT. 1GHz processor , 1GB memory and LTE provide high speed data with performance required by fleet management company. It offers a build-in battery to backup any emergency condition (UPS). MIL-STD 810G rated can be satisfied by most light duty vehicle vibration condition. Providing wifi, BT and GPS in the same time, the LTE can turn the vehicle into a wireless hub while its built-in GPS can be used for location and route optimization. With optimized antenna, there are three external antenna ports reserved for critical outdoor application.
    • TREK-773

      TREK-773 is a new generation all-in-one 7" mobile data terminal. With an Intel® Atom™ E3826 SOC processor, the system provides high performance with wired connections such as Gigabit Ethernet, CAN2.0B (J1939, OBD-II/ISO 15765) and J1708 (J1587). Users can also connect to network services via LTE (backward compatible to CDMA/HSDPA), GPS, WLAN and Bluetooth options. Focused on the automotive market, TREK-773 is designed for vehicle power which is compliant with ISO7637-2 & SAE J1113, ensuring the system is stable during engine starts. The ruggedized chassis provides more capabilities not only in a wide range of temperatures (-30 ~ 60 °C), but also in harsh environments subject to shock (100G, 6ms) and vibration.
    • TREK-723

      7" mobiles All-in-One-RISC-Datenterminal
    • TREK-688

      TREK-688 is an industrial-grade, dual-core computing box designed to provide high-quality video surveillance and fleet management for BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) , MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) and trains. TREK-688 delivers tracking and positioning and also supports dead-reckoning, which allows a truck to be traced even if the driver is in a tunnel. It supports the J1939 protocol for vehicle diagnostics and driver behavior management, and it supports high-quality, MJPEG, H.264 recording, and transmission for up to 16 camera inputs. It has dual Gigabit Ethernet w/M12 connectors and dual display/dual audio interfaces which support different resolutions. Each camera input provides motion detection capabilities; there are 8 audio inputs. The TREK-688 provides reliable on-board recording and can transmit images or alarms for remote monitoring over WLAN, or LTE/WWAN network connection.
    • TREK-674

      Kostengünstige Lösung für die Bord- und Fuhrparkverwaltung-Box-Computer
    • TREK-572

      TREK-572 is an Moon Island IoT Gateway solution designed with Intel® Atom™ E3815 SOC with Wind River® Intelligent Device Platform XT 3.0 that provides a secure environment for developing communications stack that extends connectivity to the cloud while supporting wireless protocols. With its wide working temperature range (-30° C ~ 70° C) and anti-shock/vibration that passes the MIL-STD-810G and 5M3 standard combined with its special power protection (ISO 7637-2/SAE J1455 Class A/ SAE J1113) and intelligent vehicle power management (e.g. Ignition delay on/off, low battery monitor), TREK-572 is a perfect IoT gateway solution for fleet management/transportation applications.
    • TREK-570

      TREK-570 is a compact and economical vehicle-grade, Intel Atom E3826 SOC empowered computing box mainly designed for fleet management market. It can work in extreme environments with features like the wide working temperature range (-30 to 70° C) and anti-shock/vibration to pass MIL-STD-810G and 5M3 standard. Its special power protection (ISO 7637-2/SAE J1455 Class A/ SAE J1113) and intelligent vehicle power management (e.g. Ignition delay on/off, low battery monitor), prevents abnormal electrical noise and surges from impacting the system, guarding against damage from transient car power. TREK-570 combined with variety of I/O connectors can be connected to devices like TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems), Rear view Camera (for parking monitoring) and CAN Bus devices. It has dual CAN Bus ports and support several kind of vehicle protocols(e.g. J1939, OBD-II/ISO 15765) for vehicle diagnostics and driver behavior management. Built-in wireless communications (WWAN, WLAN, BT) enable TREK-570 to send important driver/vehicle/location/cargo information back to the control center. Furthermore, TREK-570 also reserved dual display/dual audio interfaces supporting different resolutions can deliver different applications to different displays; eg: one application to a fleet driver and another to passenger for IVI and digital signage application.
    • TREK-306DH

      Intelligenter 10,4"-Fahrzeug-Bordmonitor
    • TREK-303DH

      Intelligenter 7"-Fahrzeugmonitor
    • TREK-303

      Intelligenter 7"-Fahrzeugmonitor
  • Vehicle Mounted Computers

    Die fahrzeugmontierten Computer von Advantech sind industrietaugliche Computing-Plattformen für die Lagerverwaltung, das Hafenmanagement und die Bergbauverwaltung. Die fahrzeugmontierten Computer erfüllen eine Vielzahl von Anforderungen für die Datenverarbeitung. Die robusten Gehäuse besitzen keine Belüftungsöffnungen. So wird sichergestellt, dass an der Frontblende und an der Rückseite kein Staub und Wasser eindringen kann. Für Echtzeit-Datenaustausch, Navigation und Kommunikation können WLAN- (IEEE 802.11b/g), GPS- und GSM/GPRS-Module in die Computing-Plattformen integriert werden.

    • DLT-M8110

      The DLT-M8110 is a fully rugged detachable vehicle mounted terminal device for warehouse application. It is powered by Intel® ATOM™ E38427 CPU and 4GB DDR3L memory. Built-in are robust Wi-Fi designed for logistic needs, Bluetooth 4.0 for connecting peripheral devices, camera and 2D barcode scanner for data collection. External hot-swappable that the DLT-M8110 is the choice for a vehicle mounted terminal.
    • DLT-V72

        The DLT-V72 is a rugged vehicle mount terminal designed for efficiency in logistics - meeting a wide temperature range from hot to deep freezer environments- whether dry or humidity loaded. The integrated Advantech-DLoG low profile antenna solution combines in excellence high transmission quality with smallest size.  Therefore the DLT-V72 series is a preffered choice for the logistics industry.
    • MTC6

      VMT mit Intel Atom®-Prozessor und Voice-Kit
    • XMT5

      Fahrzeugterminal mit Marvell® PXA 320-Prozessor
    • DLT-V8310

      Voll konfigurierbare, robuste VMT-Reihe
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