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Platformlösungen Gaming

Advantech-Innocore konzentriert sich auf die Entwicklung von modernsten Gaming-Lösungen, Gaming-Softwareprodukten und Peripheriegeräten für Kunden. Wir bieten die umfangreichste Palette an industriellen Computerprodukten, wie z.B. industrielle Motherboards und Single Board Computer, die speziell für die Spieleindustrie konzipiert wurden. Wir bieten unseren Kunden auch exzellente standardisierte/individualisierte Produkte und Services, bei denen modernste Technologien für Gaming-Plattformen zum Einsatz kommen. Damit erfüllen wir die Anforderungen im Umfeld von Spielautomaten, AWPs, VLTs (Video Lottery Terminals), Multiplayer-Games, Arcade-Games und Pachislots.


  • Gaming Platforms

    Die DPX®-Reihe von Advantech-Innocore umfasst industrielle Computerplatinen und -systeme für Gaming-Zwecke und bietet die größte Auswahl an langlebigen, hochperformanten Produkten. Innerhalb der Produktfamilien, Standalone (S-Serie) und Economy (E-Serie), besteht Aufwärts- und Abwärtskompatibilität. Der Kunde profitiert dadurch von einem verlängerten Lebenszyklus und einem zuverlässigen Upgrade-Pfad zu neuen Technologien, die in künftigen Produktversionen implementiert werden. Zum Umfang der GMB-Serie von Advantech-Innocore gehören stromsparende, qualitativ hochwertige Mini-ITX-Motherboards der Einsteigerklasse mit Dual-Display-Systemen. Wir bieten außerdem zuverlässige Motherboards & Gehäuse sowie einzigartige Embedded-Software & APIs für verschiedenste Gaming-Lösungen an, mit denen Gaming-Kunden ihre Anwendungen klar und deutlich differenzieren können. Die Gaming-Plattformen von Advantech-Innocore sind die beste Wahl für Ihre Gaming-Lösung.

    • Standalone (S Series)

      Advantech Standalone (S Series) support Intel core series and AMD , as well provide highly integrated industrial single board computers for gaming that offer unrivaled performance range, scalability, long lifecycle and low power. The full feature set of I/O, COMs, and security features that's included with each Standalone (S Series) product has been developed specifically to meet the requirements of the gaming industry. The DPX®-E Series products are complete industrial computer systems offering performance at a very cost-effective price point. A full feature set of I/Os and COMs designed specifically for gaming devices are also included.
    • Economy (E Series)

      The Economy (E Series) product, support Intel Core series and AMD, is a cost-effective ideal integrated platforms for many gaming, amusement like casino slot machines, and kiosk applications. The gaming functions share the same API as the other DPX®- series boards, making it easy to port application code and leverage the different price and performance points across Advantech-Innocore's full range of products. The E Series products are also ideal solutions for customers who are cost sensitive.
    • ConnectBus® (C Series)

      Advantech ConnectBus® (C Series) products are high performance gaming platforms with backplane architecture and are upgradeable with PCI-Express MXM discrete graphics modules. All cable harnessing is attached to the backplane and the motherboard plugs into the backplane with one simple operation. The C Series motherboards and systems represent the ultimate in easy installation and field service for applications where minimizing down-time is critical. The gaming functions share the same API as the other DPX®- series boards, making it easy to port application code. The ConnectBus® (C Series) products are upgradeable with PCI-Express MXM discrete graphics modules, a range of CPUs, and many storage and I/O options.
    • Advantech GMB Motherboard (AGMB)

      GMB series gaming motherboards are ideal for all of your basic gaming platform requirements, offering the best in cost, performance and longevity. GMB series gaming motherboards feature in various form factors, including Mini-ITX and Micro-ATX and are designed to mate with Advantech standard chassis. GMB series gaming motherboards are high performance/cost motherboards for Casino, Arcade, Pachislot, and Multi-display applications.
    • Advantech GMB System

      GMB gaming systems focus on multi-display applications, provide a variety of display and I/O options, and feature in Mini-ITX or Micro-ATX form factors. GMB gaming systems built-in AMD Radeon™ GPUs provide the best graphic performance. 2 PCIe x16 slots teamed with APU support superior graphics throughput and provide additional display solutions. Flexible display configurations for 4, 8, or 12 independent panels support multi-display applications such as gaming (table games), advertisement, display walls, kiosks, and etc. Multiple I/O choices (COM port, USB port, etc.) offer additional options.
    • Advantech GMB Turnkey Solution

      Advantech provides machine turnkey solutions that support customer time to market goals with reliable and professional products. Turnkey solutions also offer flexibility; modifications can be made after basic functions are verified. In this way, customers leverage our system integration and validation advantages to launch final products faster than competitors.
  • Gaming Software

    Die Gaming-Plattformen von Advantech-Innocore beinhalten verschiedene Softwarepakete und Supportleistungen, mit denen die Entwicklungszyklen der Kunden deutlich verkürzt werden können. Neben Platinen-Supportpaketen mit extrem robusten Treibern und umfassender Betreuung der gesamten Hardwareplattformen bieten wir eine Vielzahl anderer Softwareprodukte, wie z.B. Peripherie-Protokollbibliotheken, Sicherheitspakete sowie Diagnose- und Testsoftware. Damit helfen wir den Kunden bei der Realisierung leistungsfähiger und ausgewogener Gaming-Lösungen.

    • Software Overview

      Advantech-Innocore supplies a wide range of application software packages including security suites, firmware / BIOS, Board Support Package and Utility/ Development support to accelerate the customer's development cycle. PM suite aims at securing the game environment against copying and tampering, as well as providing platform authentication and access control solutions. As well as board support packages with highly robust drivers and edge-to-edge coverage for the hardware platforms, we offer a variety of other software products including peripheral protocol libraries, security suites and diagnostic and test software.
    • Board Support Package

      Board support packages provide edge-to-edge software support such as Microsoft Windows embedded OS and range of embedded Linux. For each DPX®-Series main-board, a full set of drivers is supplied for all standard PC functions as well as all gaming specific hardware features. Board support packages are provided for Microsoft® Windows® including embedded operating system Windows® and for a range of embedded Linux distributions, software support. A comprehensive, reliable set of drivers and APIs for Advantech-Innocore's DPX®-Series hardware.
    • Security

      SecureBootTM and TPM Suite are two significant security packages offer customizable protection for your software and hardware investment. SecureBootTM is aimed at markets where boot-time verification must be provided over what software runs. TPM Suite is aimed at securing the game environment against copying and tampering, as well as providing platform authentication and access control solutions. Both SecureBootTM and TPM are dedicated to information security issue, and include BIOS-level updates that ensure continued effectiveness.
    • Firmware/BIOS

      Advantech Firmware/BIOS gaming-specific firmware and software customization services including BIOS and TPM suit that deliver superior performance, compatibility and functionality and also provide information encryption, which is expected by manufacturers of gaming platforms. Customized software & BIOS images are available for DPX�-Series main boards including logo, default settings, and custom BIOS ROM code. TPM Suite is aimed at securing the game environment against copying and tampering, as well as providing platform authentication and access control solution, including access control software & security issue. Gaming-specific firmware and software customization services can greatly assist customers' requirements.
    • Utility/Development

      Advantech Utility/Development offers a range of software packages to meet a variety of communication needs when adding peripherals such as DirectPCI SDK Run-time, OneWire/iButton® and DPX® Connector SDK to a gaming system. DirectPCI SDK Run-time provides API libraries, demo code and utilities for handling peripherals that need or provide on/off control; DirectPCI also services all the onboard gaming facilities. The OneWire/iButton® API allows access to all Dallas/Maxim iButton® and OneWire protocol SMDs.
  • Peripherals

    Die Peripherien für die Gaming-Plattform von Advantech-Innocore umfassen spezielle Qualitätskomponenten mit langer Lebenszyklus-Unterstützung. Alle Peripherien für die Gaming-Plattform sind vollständig mit den Gaming-Karten und -Systemen von Advantech-Innocore kompatibel. Wir bieten für die unterschiedlichen Kundenanforderungen verschiedene Optionen an, darunter Verstärkermodule, Grafikkarten, Reel-Controller, iButton® und Zusatzhardware.

    • Long Lifecycle Graphic Cards

      Advantech long-lifecycle graphic cards are high performance discrete graphic cards for embedded computing applications. The cards are ideal for adding extra graphics performance to our gaming platforms. Features include: •Nvidia Geforce graphics card and AMD performance GPUs •PCI-e x16 and MXM formats. •low profile models •low power consumption •fanless passive cooled models •up to 6 monitors •3,5 years production lifecycles
    • Gaming Monitors

      The Advantech Open Frame Touch Monitor series are specially designed gaming monitors for gaming applications. They can be used in game applications such as slot machine games, lottery terminals and kiosks where there is a need for good looking large screen gaming monitors for direct user interaction. Advantech Open Frame Touch Monitor series is the ideal display solution for your next generation gaming machine designs.
    • Solid State Disks, RAM and Other Storage

      Advantech-Innocore storage solutions provide a range of storage modules including Compact Flash, IDE and SATA hard Disk on module (DOM), hard disk drive and solid state drives. System integrators in the gaming industry can easily implement security, backup and recovery functions on their own systems or applications with our storage solutions.
    • Backplanes and Connector Boards

      Backplane and Connector Boards provide a convenient way to interface the extensive I/O features of Advantech-Innocore products. Backplanes and Connector Boards offer a cost-effective solution. Making interfaces for board-to-board connector expansion more convenient and flexible.
    • Peripheral I/O Controllers

      The DPX I/O controllers are I/O expansion devices which provide easy ways to interface inputs and outputs for a typical slot machine or kiosk. They provide a variety of functions including inputs, outputs (analog and digital), dedicated logged intrusion inputs, LED lamp and strip drivers, specialized peripheral drivers etc. Connection to the CPU board is via a serial port and a unified software protocol to make interfacing and programming simple and efficient.
    • iButton®

      The Dallas iButton® is one such device and iButton® devices are available for a number of different functions and supplied drivers and SDK.The DPX®-series boards have a GPIO header that can be used to connect to a variety of simple one-wire or two-wire devices. The GPIO header is a very flexible multi-purpose interface. The GPIO header interface supports any 1-wire® bus device - typical uses could include special purpose I/O, security, memory and data storage.
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