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Digitale Signage Player

Die Digital Signage-Produkte (digitale Beschilderung) von Advantech, die als Informationsdisplays eingesetzt werden, stellen dynamische Inhalte bereit. Sie sind mit Multitouch-Bildschirmen mit Full-HD-Auflösung ausgestattet und bieten bestmögliche Qualität und Performance. Dagegen fungiert die ARK-Serie als digitaler Medien-Player mitintegrierten Medienverarbeitungsmodulen für Kundenanwendungen. Die Module sind mit NVIDIA-Treiber und Intel- oder AMD-Prozessor ausgestattet und nutzen modernste Medien- oder RISC-Prozessoren, um die anspruchsvollen Anforderungen bei der Verarbeitung von hochwertigen digitalen Medien zu erfüllen. Dank des OPS-Designs von Intel und hochskalierbaren Peripherien kann die ARK-Serie für verschiedene Panels eingesetzt werden und ermöglicht die einfache Montage oder das problemlose Update mit Plugins. Die Technologie von Advantech steckt in Tausenden digitalen Beschilderungssystemen im Einzelhandel, im Gesundheitswesen, im Hotelgewerbe und in der Gastronomie. Damit gehört Advantech zu den führenden Plattformanbietern auf dem Markt.


  • Entry Level Digital Signage Solutions

    The Entry Level series offer fanless and low power designs suitable for simple digital signage applications. In addition to supporting popular display interfaces such as HDMI, DP++, and VGA, these signage players offer up to Full HD 1080P output on dual displays. With the pre-loaded free signage content management, and remote device management software, Advantech entry level signage solutions are perfect fit for budget concerned customers.

    • DS-062

      Intel® Core™ i7/Celeron®/Atom™ Ultra-slim Digital Signage Player
    • DS-063

      Intel® Core™ i7/Celeron®/Atom™ Ultra-slim Digital Signage Player
    • DS-065

      Intel® Core™ i7/Celeron®/Atom™ Ultra-slim Digital Signage Player
    • ARK-DS306

      Digital-Signage-Plattform mit Prozessor der AMD G-Serie
    • DS-370

      Advantech DS-370 is fanless, low power Digital Signage Player. It supports Full HD output for simultaneous dual displays. It's not only a cost effective signage player, but also has an on-board 64G SSD to speed up system response times. The storage of DS-370 can be easily maintained via its slide in chassis design. DS-370 is pre-loaded with SUSIACCESS for Signage software for broadcast scheduling, content editing, and remote monitoring functions . As a cost effective solution, DS-370 is ideal for single or dual-display applications in public spaces.
  • Advanced Computing Digital Signage Solutions

    The Advanced Computing Digital Signage Solutions are featured with high computing power and ultra-compact design for media intensive applications. The series supports up to 4K UHD resolution via HDMI, DP, VGA interfaces. Moreover, users can select the best cost-performance combination between commercial-grade and industrial-grade CPU options. Pre-loaded with free content management, and remote device management software, the series is the best fit for multimedia applications.

    • DS-060

      Ultra-Slim Digital-Signage-Plattform
    • DS-061

      Intel® Core™ i7/Celeron®/Atom™ Ultra-slim Digital Signage Player
    • DS-080

      Measuring a mere 19 mm thick, DS-080 is undoubtedly the world’s slimmest digital signage player powered by 5th generation Intel® Core™ i5/Celeron® processor. This thin-and-powerful signage player is equipped with 2x HDMI display outputs; upto dual 4K ultraHD resolution that delivers a premium visual experience. DS-080 comes pre-loaded with an embedded OS, and management software and APIs. Advantech has designed DS-080 in the smallest possible form factor, for optimized performance.
    • DS-081

      Measuring at 19 mm thick, DS-081 is the world’s slimmest digital signage player powered by 6th Generation Intel® Core™ i5 processors. This thin-and-powerful signage player is equipped with 2x HDMI display which is capable to achieve up to 4096 x 2304 UHD resolution, and delivers a premium visual experience when graphics performance really matters. Windows® Embedded OS, Linux are supported, and Advantech WebAccess/IMM, Web-based content management software, is also free on offer. We’ve designed the DS-081 in the smallest possible form factor, for optimized performance.
  • Multi-Display Digital Signage Solutions

    Advantech Multi-Display Digital Signage Players support up to seven displays and high performance graphics up to 4K content. All Advantech digital signage players come pre-loaded with an embedded OS, at no extra cost, digital Signage software, Acronis data protection software, and system security software by McAfee. Through video walls, Advantech Multi-display Digital Signage Players are ideal for multi-display applications in stores, lobbies, restaurants, hotels and other public spaces.

    • DS-570

      Intel® Celeron® N2920 Quad-Core™ SoC mit Advanced (nVidia N14M) Digital-Signage-Grafikplattform
    • ARK-DS762

      Digital-Signage-Plattform mit 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ i7/i5/i3-Prozessor
    • DS-780

      Advantech DS-780 is high performance computing, low power for advanced Digital Signage Player.It powered by 6th generation Intel® Core™ U series processor and designed with fanless solution. DS-780 supports 4K resolution by HDMI outputs. The storage of DS-780 can be easily maintain via its slide-in chassis design.As a high performance and fanless solution, DS-780 is ideal for single single to triple display applications in stores, lobbies, restaurants, FIDS, hotels and other display public space.
    • DS-980

      Advantech DS-980 is the first video wall solution of digital signage players, which is powered by the 6th generation Intel® Core i7/ i5/ i3/ Celeron rPGA processor (LGA 1151), and stackable design for PCI Express 3.0 x16 expansion which is used for optional graphic cards. DS-980 delivers the exceptional graphic performance by Intel HD Graphics 530 which supports HEVC/265, AVC/264, MPEG2, VC1/WMV9, VP8, JPEG/MJPEG, VP9 video format. Additionally, DS-980 adopts the latest interfaces to fulfill the customer’s advanced requirements, such as HDMI2.0 supports 4096 x 2160 @60Hz maximum resolution, DDR4 2133MHz SO-DIMM with dual channel (maximum capacity for 32GB, 16GB per SO-DIMM), and M.2 (2230 E key) for wireless function. Total display outputs on the DS-980 motherboard are 3 x HDMI which are designed for 1 x HDMI2.0 (printed HDMI1); 2 x 1.4 (printed HDMI2 & HDMI 3; HDMI2 supports CEC function). The maximum resolution is true 4K (4096 x 2160 @ 60Hz). Not only 3 x HDMI outputs but also the extra outputs from PCI Express 3.0 x16 slot for optional graphic card further support up to 6 outputs and realize the video wall application in retails, public services, institute and etc..
  • OPS(Open Pluggable Specification) Signage Solutions

    The OPS series is certified with Intel® Open Pluggable Specification. The slot-in design allows cableless efficient deployment, and easy maintenance and upgrades with OPS monitors. The series supports up to 4K resolution, and an extra HDMI or DP interface for 2nd display connection. Users can benefit from its built-in free WebAccess/IMM and WISE-PaaS/RMM software, as signage turnkey solutions for system operation, data security, and signage content management functions.

    • ARK-DS262

      Digital-Signage-Plattform mit 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ i7-Prozessor
    • DS-270

      OPS Intel Celeron J1900 Quad-Core SoC with Advanced NVIDIA GeForce GT730M Graphics up to 4K resolution
    • DS-280

      Advantech DS-280 is a powerful OPS design with 6th Generation Intel® Core™ H series processor to support 4K (4096 x 2130 @60Hz) resoultion by HDMI2.0/ DP1.2 outputs. Moreover, DS-280 is innovative to support 3 independent displays.
  • Peripheral Modules(storage, wifi)

    Advantech also provides storage and wifi modules which are compatible with our digital signage solutions with with long lifecycle support.

    • SQF-S25 630

      Advantech SQFlash 630 series 2.5” SATA SSD delivers all the advantages of Flash Disk technology with the Serial ATA III (6.0Gb) interface, fully compliant with standard 2.5” SATA SSD form factor. The SQF-S25 is based on the 2.5” SATA SSD form factor which is generated by JEDEC and could provide a wide range capacity from 1GB to 64GB for SLC, 2GB to up to 64GB for Ultra MLC, and 4GB to up to 128GB for MLC. Also it can reach more than 480MB/s read as well as 180MB/s write high performance even based on MLC flash. The power consumption of Flash Disk is also much lower than traditional Hard Drive. 
    • AMO-WIFI07E

       Advantech Wifi802.11a/b/g/n BT4.0, Mini-PCIe, w/ Cable x2, Antenna x2
    • AMO-WIFI06E

      Advantech, 802.11 b/g/n, Realtek RTL8188EE , ein Antennenanschluss
    • AMO-HSDPA02E

      Advantech HSDPA 6Band, Mini-PCIe, w/ Cable x1, Antenna x1

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