Video Acquisition and Encoding

Advantech's DSP Process Platform features Video Acquisition and Video Encoder boards to support a wide range of customer solutions. Our products are designed to provide HDMI and analog outputs, perfrom high speed processing at various formats, and supply a wide choice of interfaces for storage, networking and peripherals. Advantech Video Acquisition and Video Encoding Solutions are ideal for system integrators to implement versatile video surveillance applications.

  • PCIe Card

    PCIe Card

    Advantech provides USB 2.0 Video Capture module for on-board video analytics engines and advanced surveillance applications. Advantech's intelligent USB 2.0 H.264 video Capture module also supports an SDK to speed up content analysis. Our on-board Video Analytics capabilities enable small-to-mid-sized video security ...

  • USB 2.0 Module

    USB 2.0 Module

    Advantech provides AdvancedTCA(ATCA) DSP Blade for Multi-Core Digital Signal Processing(DSP) which applies to Media Gateways. Advantech's latest DSP-based AdvancedTCA blade provides the industry's most powerful voice and video-over-IP DSP farms in a single slot. With over 20 TI 8-Core DSPs, our ATCA DSP Blade is ideal for ...