Semi-Industrial Motherboards

Advantech Semi-industrial Motherboards (SIMB) offers cost effective and fast time-to-market solutions with compact, rugged and dependable motherboard designs. Compared with Advantech Industrial Motherboard series (AIMB), SIMB motherboards feature 3-year longevity support, revision-control, and design support (with a minimum order 200 pcs). Selections of full-sized ATX, Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX motherboards provide definitive solutions for POS, KIOSK, Digital Signage, Gaming and many more industrial applications.

  • Mini-ITX Motherboards

    Mini-ITX Motherboards

    Die Mini-ITX-Motherboard-Serie bietet einen großen Funktionsumfang und zuverlässige Performance bei kompakten Abmessungen von nur 170 x 170 mm. Die hochintegrierten Mini-ITX-Motherboard-Plattformen haben einen niedrigen Stromverbrauch von weniger als 100 Watt und besitzen einen Basis-Erweiterungssteckplatz. Diese ...

  • MicroATX Motherboards

    MicroATX Motherboards

    MicroATX Motherboard is only 244 x 244 mm and suited for space/cost sensitive applications where less than 4 slots are required. MicroATX Motherboards enable the same high integration of ATX but with a smaller footprint that fills the gap between Mini-ITX and full-size ATX, balancing performance and expandability.

  • ATX Motherboards

    ATX Motherboards

    ATX motherboards measure 305 x 244 mm and support up to 7 expansion slots. Advantech’s ATX motherboards offer a wide range of computing capacities from low power Intel Pentium M based Solutions to latest multi-core processors.