Industrial Ethernet Solutions

Die industrielle Ethernet-Lösung von Advantech umfasst Ethernet-Switches und Medienkonverter mit verschiedensten Features – von Fast Ethernet bis Gigabit und von Kupfer bis Glasfaser sowie Power over Ethernet. Die gemanagten Ethernet-Switches von Advantech bieten die X-Ring-Technologie, die kürzeste Wiederherstellungszeiten des redundanten Rings sicherstellen (<10 ms). Darüber hinaus sind unsere Produkte dank ihrer robusten Konstruktion, des großen Temperaturbereichs, der DIN-Schiene und des redundanten Eingangsstroms von +12 - 48 VDC bestens für robuste industrielle Anwendungen geeignet.

  • Managed Redundant Industrial Ethernet Switches

    Managed Redundant Industrial Ethernet Switches

    Advantech's EKI-7000 Industrial Managed Ethernet Switches allows users to expand their industrial network fast and cost-effectively, while the rugged industrial-grade design assures reliability and stability. Moreover, Advantech's X-Ring technology offers the fastest recovery time (< 10 ms) to increase the reliability and ...

  • Unmanaged Industrial Ethernet Switches

    Unmanaged Industrial Ethernet Switches

    Advantech's Unmanaged Industrial Ethernet Switches are designed for use in demanding industrial environments, offering unmatched performance, reliability, and value. With no setup required, they are truly plug-and-play. Models of unmanaged industrial Ethernet are available in standard 10/100Mbps and gigabit 10/100/1000Mbps ...

  • EN50155 Industrial Ethernet Switches

    EN50155 Industrial Ethernet Switches

    Advantech’s EN50155 M12 Ethernet Switches have passed EN50155 certification which enables them to withstand severe shock and vibration, therefore ensuring reliable transmission for carriage Ethernet backbone communication in moving vehicles. They are designed for many Ethernet switch applications such as video surveillance ...

  • Power over Ethernet (PoE)

    Power over Ethernet (PoE)

    Advantech's PoE (Power over Ethernet) solutions provide up to 15.4 watts of power per-port, and can be used to power IEEE802.3af compliant devices (PD) through an Ethernet cable eliminating the need for additional wiring. Advantech EKI PoE devices come with compact metal housing that rates IP30 to help against from dusty ...

  • Industrial Ethernet Media Converters

    Industrial Ethernet Media Converters

    Advantech's Industrial Ethernet Media Converters are compact and robust devices designed to convert Gigabit Ethernet or Fast Ethernet networks into Gigabit or Ethernet fiber optic networks by transparently converting digital electric Ethernet signals to optical signals. With sophisticated industry technology, Advantech ...

  • Accessories


    Advantech's small pluggable (SFP) transceiver family is available in a variety of types, allowing users to ensure Fast Ethernet network and select the appropriate transceiver for each link, while the secure lock design can fix the SFP module firmly into the switch. Advantech's SFP transceivers also feature a compact design ...