Advantech bietet zwei verschiedene Controller-Typen mit entsprechenden I/O-Modulen für vielseitige Anwendungen an, PC-basierte Controller und Programmable Automation Controller (PAC). Die PC-basierten Controller nutzen Entwicklungsumgebungen mit offenen Schnittstellen; die PACs sind Einzelplattformen mit interdisziplinärer Controller-Funktionalität.

  • Programmable Automation Controllers & I/O Modules

    Programmable Automation Controllers & I/O Modules

    Programmable Automation Controller – kurz PAC (APAX-5000-Serie) – spielen eine wichtige Rolle für CPU-intensive Kontrollaufgaben. PACs markieren die neue Generation von industriellen Controllern, die beeindruckende Eigenschaften bieten: Offenheit von PCs, hochperformante CPUs, reichhaltiger Speicher und leistungsfähige ...

  • Leading Industrial PC Trends - Advantech's iDoor Technology Enables the Transformation of Computing Platforms

    In a rapidly changing age, there is a massive need of a platform with both flexibility and stability. Such a platform is now emerging. The ...

    Last Updated : Jul 17, 2014
  • Enabling Smart Factories - The changing manufacturing systems & factory facilities

    Manufacturing factories are getting smarter and smarter. The transformation of productivity technology is evolving from solving visible problems to ...

    Last Updated : Apr 2, 2014
Case Studies
  • PAC Controller Redundancy

    On 12/30/2013

    Most PLC and PAC controllers exhibit a high degree of reliability but, certain critical industrial ...

Industry Focus

    Whiskey in the Jar-O

    On 12/1/2014

    The water of Scotland, whiskey is as big a part of Scot’s culture as bagpipes, haggis and the ...

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    Intelligent RTU

    The ADAM-3600 is an intelligent iRTU, mainly used in the oil, gas and water industries. Intelligent network nodes in the IoT, can control the downstream field devices to complete delivery tasks, transfer data to upstream devices wired or wirelessly.It is key

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    2014-2015 Automation Device and Computing

    The 2014 ~ 2015 Device & Computing Master Catalog which features Advantech’s complete automation devices and computing product lines, including: Industrial Solutions and Software, Industrial HMI, Displays and Panel Computers, ICOM, Automation

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    Advantech PAC Solutions

    The 2014 Advantech PAC Solutions brochure includes comprehensive product information about the APAX series, ADAM-5000 series, Motion control I/O modules, and Software introduction whilst also highlighting target applications in the Machine Automation, Tunnel