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Four-axis Motion Control Card
  • Features independent CPU to develop all the functions and shorten developing time
  • Features independent CIO and can be connected 8 slave modules at most
  • Features EtherCAT and MECHATROLINK II real-time protocols
  • Built-in PLC function allows to control I/O with ladder diagram
  • Supports G/M code and Motion Marco for easily achieve multi-axis synchronous control
  • Provides 3D modeling software for the ease of off-line development
Outperformed other high performance motion cards, the ARC1040/ARC1080 features EtherCAT protocol and CNC control kernel, which supports G/M code and may easily achieve multi-axis synchronous control at CNC level. The ARC1040/ARC1080 is applicable to every machinery and automation equipment, and its built-in PLC function allows customers to control I/O with ladder diagram. With IPC embedded with powerful and excellent ARC1040/ARC1080 real-time controller, customers are able to independently develop all the functions and shorten their developing time.


  • Teilenummer
  • Einzelheiten
  • Operating Temperature
  • Storage Temperature
  • Dimensions
  • Number of Axis Control
  • Power Consumption


  • Operating Temperature

    LN1105999016 0 ~ 60°C (32 ~ 140°F)
    LN1105999017 0 ~ 60°C (32 ~ 140°F)
    LN1105999018 0 ~ 60°C (32 ~ 140°F)
  • Storage Temperature

    LN1105999016 -20~85°C (-4 ~ 185°F)
    LN1105999017 -20~85°C (-4 ~ 185°F)
    LN1105999018 -20~85°C (-4 ~ 185°F)


  • Dimensions

    LN1105999016 175 x 106 mm (6.9" x 4.2")
    LN1105999017 175 x 106 mm (6.9" x 4.2")
    LN1105999018 175 x 106 mm (6.9" x 4.2")
  • Number of Axis Control

    LN1105999016 4
    LN1105999017 4
    LN1105999018 4
  • Power Consumption

    LN1105999016 5 VDC @ 0.8 A Max
    LN1105999017 5 VDC @ 0.8 A Max
    LN1105999018 5 VDC @ 0.8 A Max

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