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I Dream of Electric Flight

Industry Focus By Advantech | 3.23.2015
If only Icarus had waited a couple of thousand years, he too may have been able to fly close enough to the sun as to not worry too much about his wings melting. But ever since the Wright brothers first put a propeller at the end of an engine and slapped it between a couple of wings, the fuel of choice has been fossil based and airplanes use quite a lot of fuel which makes it expensive to fly.

Never Miss Glance

  • Save a Penny

    Industry Focus Advantech | 3.16.2015
    Never mind spending a penny, a new toilet installed in the University of Bristol could save money, or more importantly it could provide free electricity. The university has joined forces with Oxfam in the hope of providing pee powered toilets to refugee camps where there is no electricity at all and...
  • Integrated SCADA Solution for Wind Farm Management

    Case Studies Advantech | 3.12.2015
    Renewable energy sources have become an important part of a balanced energy supply. Like other green energy sources, wind is a sustainable, clean, abundant source of energy that does not produce any emissions. Generally, each wind farm may install tens to hundreds of independent wind towers and cove...
  • Evolving HMI/SCADA Software to HTML5 Business Intelligence Dashboard

    Video Advantech | 3.12.2015
    Advantech WebAccess 8.0, as the core of Advantech’s IoT solution, provides users with a cross-platform, cross-browser data access experience and a user interface based on HTML5 technology. With WebAccess, users can build an information management platform and improve the effectiveness of verti...
  • Intelligent Remote Monitoring Solution for Distributed Solar Generation

    Case Studies Advantech | 3.12.2015
    In order to lower the use of fossil fuel consumption and improve the quality of the environment, a number of governments have issued a series of policies to encourage the use of distributed photovoltaic systems as one of the options to offset peak electricity demand and stabilize the local grid. In...
  • Energy Flow Management

    Case Studies 3.5.2015
    Helping energy managers to study and identify most energy intensive areas in factory.
  • Advantech WISE-Cloud Service Development Strategy for the IoT Era

    Video 12.22.2014
    2014 Advantech iAutomation & iSystems World Partner Conference
  • Partnering for Smart City and IoT Trends

    Video Advantech | 12.22.2014
    2014 Advantech iAutomation & iSystems World Partner Conference
  • Realizing IoT & Industry 4.0 Business Success

    Video 12.22.2014
    2014 Advantech iAutomation & iSystems World Partner Conference
  • Catching up the Coming Big Waves of IoT, Smart City and Industry 4.0

    Video 12.22.2014
    2014 Advantech iAutomation & iSystems World Partner Conference
  • Any Day the Wind Blows

    Industry Focus Advantech | 12.11.2014
     In our ever more manic attempts to try and harness Mother Nature, we’re ruining the countryside with monolithic wind farms. Since the wind blows stronger and more consistently above 50 meters commercial wind farms are by necessity built to be tall. But now a designer from Paris, has d...
  • Thunder Bolts and Lightning

    Industry Focus advantech | 11.25.2014
    Mans’ desire to harness the power of the elements is never ending. We continue to have a degree of success with solar power, the wind blows and turns blades and is converted into energy and the tidal motion of the waves can be captured and used to power homes, the heat from the earth’s c...
  • Standards Based Smart Grid Power Distribution Systems

    WhitePaper 10.28.2014
    In a modern power grid, there are many different types of power production systems.
    There are the conventional large generation plants using nuclear power and conventional
    fossil power plants and hydroelectric systems. There is also wind, geothermal, solar, and
    tidal generation sys...
  • It’s a Waste

    Industry Focus Advantech | 9.22.2014

    We’re all familiar with recycling, but at times it seems like a complete waste of time. We can imagine that bottles and bags get shredded and then turned into new more expensive bottles and bags, we understand that paper gets washed and bleache...

  • Alternatives to Fossil Fuel

    Industry Focus Advantech | 9.3.2014
    The fact that fossil and other earth bound fuels will be exhausted at some point has been touted for the last 50 plus years. No one knows how much fossil fuel is truly available and as new technologies to find the hardest to reach deposits are invented and new energies such as shale gas are discover...
  • Cableless Guy

    Industry Focus Advantech | 9.3.2014
    For many years the number of power cables that exist in our homes has been steadily increasing. The TV and DVD player have become home entertainment systems, we have broadband routers and laptops with cables and then there are all the gadgets in the kitchen.  For a long time we have been pro...
  • One Man Went to Mow

    Industry Focus Advantech | 9.3.2014
    Batteries can be a pain in the neck as they run out at the most inconvenient time. You’re either nowhere near a replacement or, in the case of remote industrial devices, an engineer may not be anywhere near. For some devices though, batteries can be replaced with small devices that can harvest...
  • Our Friends Electric

    Industry Focus Advantech | 9.3.2014
    Getting power to remote places has been a constant challenge and over the weeks we have explored devices that can be charged and powered using manual labor. But what if you need to power multiple devices when you’re on the move and don’t want the extra weight and expense of multiple batt...
  • I’ve Got the Power

    Industry Focus Advantech | 9.3.2014
    Whilst the world is focusing on how governments can power their countries, companies are also looking at ways they can reduce their energy costs and power their plants and offices from renewable energy sources.
  • European Sustainable Energy Installations

    Industry Focus Advantech | 9.3.2014
    Solar panels have come a long way since their first use in space in 1958. Today, we’re used to seeing them power everything from watches and calculators to providing energy to cities. But to generate the large amount of power required for cities requires a huge amount of space and in an e...
  • Give me the power

    Industry Focus Advantech | 9.3.2014
    Nuclear power has been in the news in recent years what with the Fukushima disaster. And whenever something so terrible happens there are the inevitable knee jerk reactions. You may argue that building an explosive power station on an earthquake fault zone may not be the most sensible idea, but unfo...
  • Smart Power Meters

    Industry Focus Advantech | 9.3.2014
    Traditional electricity and gas power meters are complicated for consumers to read and because they need staff or consumers to read them and then send the readings back to headquarters they are open to corruption and high costs. Now, with an almost ubiquitous mobile phone network, electricity and ga...
  • Tesla – The Greatest Ever Geek

    Industry Focus Advantech | 9.3.2014
    The battle for the historical bragging rights as to who discovered Electricity, Radar, X-rays, Radio, hydro electricity, radio astronomy and even the future transistor really shouldn’t be such a battle, the names of these inventors are Thomas Edison, Robert Watson-Watt, Wilhelm Rontgen, Marcon...
  • The Future of Solar panels

    Industry Focus Advantech | 9.3.2014
    Existing solar panels are expensive and heavy.  They require a large area to be truly effective and despite years of innovation, which has improved their efficiency, they still use the same highly restrictive materials. This has resulted in poor uptake amongst homeowners and businesses in devel...
  • Automated energy consumption metering system control boxes (mass production)

    Case Studies 6.26.2014
    Automated energy consumption metering system - Usage of automated energy consumption metering systems (AECMS) became standard in modern power networks. It allows the electricity suppliers to balance loads and prevent brownouts in real-time mode; also the endusers can be correctly billed in multirцat...
  • Hit the road Jack

    Industry Focus Advantech | 5.26.2014
    There are roughly 12 million miles (18 million Km) of paved road and countless millions of square kilometers of paved carparks (parking lots), driveways, pavements (sidewalks), tennis and basketball courts, and other areas covered in tarmac in the world and since all of this area gets many hours of...
  • Rackmountable Fanless Box PCs (UNO-4000 Series)

    Für die Netz- und Umspannstationsautomatisierung hat Advantech rackmontierte, lüfterlose Box-PCs entwickelt, die in Verbindung mit Daten-Gateway- und Computing-Plattform-Geräten eingesetzt werden. Die UNO-4000-Serie besitzt ein lüfterloses Design, kann in verschiedenste Computing-Plattformen integriert werden und hilft, ...
  • Energiedatenermittlung; Energiecontroller

    Advantech hat eine Reihe von robusten, kabellosen Energiecontrollern entwickelt, die für raue Umgebungsbedingungen in Energieverteilungssystemen und bei Windkraftsystemen ihren Einsatz finden. Als führender Hersteller von E/A-Einsteckkarten bietet Advantech eine Reihe von PCI-, PCI-E- und PCI-104-...
  • Einsteckkarten für Energieautomatisierungscomputer

    Die Karten der UNOP-Serie wurden speziell für Automatisierungscomputer in Racks der UNO-4673A/83-Serie entwickelt. Es gibt eine Vielzahl verschiedener Karten (z. B. serielle Karten, Faserkarten, IRIG-B-Karten und Gigabyte-Ethernet-Karten) für unterschiedliche Einsatzmöglichkeiten. Durch die Erweiterungskarten deckt die UNO-...
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