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Multi-Protocol, Cross-System Integration Solution

Case Studies By Advantech, ICG | 10.12.2017
By implementing Advantech’s multi-protocol, cross-system integration solution, managers can migrate seamlessly from traditional to future network infrastructure with minimum downtime and maximum flexibility.

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  • Advantech Always-on Solutions: Enjoy 99.999% Uptime

    WhitePaper 10.4.2017
    Advantech and Stratus joint solutions meet 99.999% uptime requirements. This PDF highlights dual Advantech servers conjoined via a virtualization platform that pairs protected virtual machines together to create a single operating environment. The entire application environment is perfect for disast...
  • Advantech LoRa Private Solution for Smart Irrigation System

    Case Studies Advantech | 9.28.2017
    Advantech’s Wzzard LRPv Node and SmartSwarm 243 Gateway can facilitate minimizing irrigation water wastage by utilizing LoRa technology to build an efficient, cost-saving system.
  • Advantech LoRa Private Solution for Flood Monitoring and Warning System

    Case Studies Advantech | 9.28.2017
    Advantech’s Wzzard LRPv Node and SmartSwarm 243 Gateway enable building reliable flood monitoring and detection systems (FMDSs) by utilizing LoRa technology to realize timely reporting on conditions in harsh environments. These devices can be deployed in both flood monitoring areas and control rooms...
  • Enabling Intelligent Water Treatment with Advantech’s WebAccess and WISE-PaaS Alliance

    Video 8.28.2017
    As we enter the era of the IoT, water treatment equipment will require not only automatic monitoring and control capabilities, also cloud functionality to facilitate system development. Advantech offers intelligent water treatment solutions integrated with WebAccess software and diversified hardware...
  • Automation Dashboard for Industrial IoT Applications

    WhitePaper 8.23.2017
    Providing users with cross-platform, cross-browser data access and user interface based on HTML5 technology
  • Cloud-enabled Industrial IoT Solutions for Energy and Environment, Advantech(EN)

    Video 8.3.2017
    With the rapid advancements of Internet of Things which provides a huge range of opportunities for all industries. Energy and Environment have become issues of concern for the public. Industrial IoT technologies focus on the processes of sensing, control monitoring, and remote communication and by c...
  • Remote Asset Monitoring Unlocks Information

    WhitePaper 6.5.2017
    Data acquisition software featuring cloud connectivity provides the key for users to unlock smart device information trapped in their remote assets.
  • WISE-4000 IoT Wireless Sensor Node

    Video 5.25.2017
    Advantech’s WISE wireless sensor node (WSN) series leverages Wi-Fi, Cellular, and low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) technology to provide sensor-integrated nodes, IP65-rated nodes, and solar-rechargeable nodes.
  • Enabling IoT & Industry 4.0 with WebAccess and WISE-PaaS Alliance

    Video 4.27.2017
    Advantech’s WISE-PaaS/IIoT is a market-oriented cooperation model using WebAccess, the IoT software framework as its core, to link solutions, partners’ strengths and strategic co-marketing to get into focused vertical markets. It aims to offer complete IoT solutions for a wide array of markets, also...
  • Advantech’s Highly Integrated WebAccess Solution Optimizes Automatic Monitoring and Control Mana...

    Case Studies Advantech | 12.19.2016
    Wastewater treatment plant is a basic infrastructure in modern society to purify wastewater created by homes and businesses. Its operation is 24 hours a day and wastewater treatment comprises multiple processes to remove solids, organic compounds and other matters. Such a complex workflow needs a ca...
  • Our Friends Electric?

    Industry Focus Advantech | 5.24.2016
    Lifeless electric snakes swimming in the sea, ready to strike at a whim at whoever enters the water are the things of horror films. At a primordial level they get into our very psyche. If the sea makes you both scared and respectful, then slithering things lurking deep in the dark with glowing eyes...
  • The Sound of Oil and Gas Leaks

    Industry Focus Advantech | 4.26.2016
    Detecting oil and gas leaks along thousands of kilometers of pipelines, refineries, airports and other critical national infrastructure is an expensive and time consuming practice. In many cases, it involves the use of manual labor to either use cameras or to point wander around with electronic gas...
  • Augmented Reality to Measure Water Levels

    Industry Focus Advantech | 4.18.2016
    A few years ago, the latest buzz word was “Augmented Reality”. The plan was that we would all be using our cellphones to display more information about the world around us by pointing our cameras. The hype was that we’d be able to walk past restaurants point our cameras and get the...
  • Underwater Drone

    Industry Focus Advantech | 1.21.2016
    One of the problems with oil and gas pipelines is that they go very deep underwater and this can make them very difficult to discover faults on. Currently the way it’s done is by using PIGS which propel through the pipelines cleaning them out and, with sensors discovering leaks. 
  • Hydration Contamination Detection

    Industry Focus Advantech | 12.14.2015
    In our nice cozy lives in the developed world, the chances of drinking contaminated water are slim, and even if we do drink some that’s stale, the worst we’ll get is a bit sick. But industrial accidents do happen and if the water of a food processing plant or drinking water facility is t...
  • River Flow Monitoring

    Case Studies Advantech | 12.9.2015
    In mountainous regions around the world heavy rainfall can cause the flooding of rivers much further downstream thereby causing major problems to residents and businesses. Many governments around the world have taken steps to actively protect people’s livelihoods and property with the expansio...
  • Waste to Oil

    Industry Focus Advantech | 12.7.2015
    One of the greatest environmental problems for the planet is our continuous use of plastic. Not only is it made from oil but it takes a very very long time to break down, in fact never entirely doing so. So far modern recycling concentrate on efforts to reuse the plastic for more plastic, but in man...
  • Intelligent RTU in the IoT era

    WhitePaper 12.2.2015
    The power of the Internet of Things (IoT) is enabled by the implementation of intelligent electronic devices and sensors on communication networks with real-time data exchange and control functionality between the field and a control center. It allows utilities to have better visibility into the sys...
  • Watch Your Water

    Industry Focus Advantech | 11.16.2015
    Water is a finite resource and we’re constantly being told to conserve as much as possible. The doomsday scenarios of droughts and water shortages have been embedded into our collective consciousness for many years.
  • Advantech WebAccess 8.1 Webinar

    Video Advantech | 11.9.2015
    WebAccess, as the cornerstone of Advantech’s IoT solutions, is the world’s first HMI/SCADA software based on web browser, which means that the user can implement configuration and monitoring control via an IE browser and that the software provides powerful networking capabilities. With A...
  • Green Factory IT

    Video Advantech | 10.8.2015
    Title: Green Factory IT
    Abstract: Please join Advantech webinar about the Green Factory IT to hear more about the benefits of Green IT in Smart Factories and Facilities. We will also discuss about what are the European Union restrictions and directions for companies in this matter? Does EU...
  • Real-time Oil Well Monitoring System with iRTU

    Case Studies Advantech | 10.7.2015
    In recent years, the rapid development of information technology has popularized calculator technology, control technology
    and network communication technology, therefore, establishing the costs of the remote monitoring system is no longer
    unattainable. Exploiting oil and gas fields needs...
  • Smart Water Grid and Pump Station Monitoring

    Case Studies Advantech | 10.7.2015
    Under the impetus of Internet of things technology, water supplies will be equipped with an intelligent water network. Water
    pumping stations are the most important node in a water network, the booster pumping station can influence the public
    water, the drainage pumping station can ensure...
  • Droning On and On and On

    Industry Focus Advantech | 10.5.2015

    It seems that we can’t get enough of drones, they are everywhere. They’re being used to take spectacular and unusual videos that would have once required helicopters and there are competitions where enthusiasts build their own race them around obstacle courses using FPV goggles.

  • Water Pyramids

    Industry Focus Advantech | 9.7.2015
    In the past we’ve discussed the use of mesh nets to collect dew and send it to water storage containers below. These are particularly useful in areas that have high humidity but low rainfall. But what if you have low humidity and low rainfall i.e. a desert, what do you do to collect water?
  • DIN-rail PCs (UNO-1100-Serie)

    Der DIN-Schienen-PC - UNO-1000-Serie – bietet sowohl eine RISC-Architektur als auch eine x86- basierte Plattform mit einem breiten Betriebstemperaturbereich bis zu 70° C, was die Installation unter rauen Bedingungen erlaubt. Zusätzlich ist die UNO 1000-Serie mit einem exzellenten Kommunikations-Gateway zur Konvertierung ...
  • Embedded Automations-Computer (Tischgeräte); UNO-2000-Serie

    Advantech´s UNO-2000 -Tischgeräte sind lüfterlose industrielle PCs mit einer großen CPU-Auswahl einschließlich AMD, Intel Atom und Core i. Sie bieten verschiedenen Montagearten (Tischgerät, Wandmontage oder VESA-Halterung) um den Anforderungen verschiedener Anwendungen zu genügen. Die neuen UNO-Produkte unterstützen auch ...
  • RS-485 IE/A Module: ADAM-4000

    Die ADAM-4000-Module sind die ideale Lösung für den Aufbau eines kosteneffizienten Remote-I/O-Systems. Die Anwender können von der einfachen Verdrahtungsstruktur des ADAM-4000-Moduls profitieren. Es werden lediglich zwei Drähte für die Kommunikation mit dem Controller oder anderen RS-485-Geräten verwendet. Die ADAM-4000-...
  • Ethernet E/A Module: ADAM-6000, ADAM-6100, ADAM-6200, WISE-4000/LAN

    Advantechs Ethernet I/O-Module der ADAM-6000-Serie bewältigen diese Integration ganz einfach mit den aktuellsten Internet-Technologien, wodurch der Gerätestatus viel flexibler per Fernzugriff überwacht werden kann. Die ADAM-6000-Module sind mit Peer-to-Peer (P2P) und Graphic Condition Logic (GCL) ausgestattet und können ...
  • Industrial Ethernet Solutions

    Die industrielle Ethernet-Lösung von Advantech umfasst Ethernet-Switches und Medienkonverter mit verschiedensten Features – von Fast Ethernet bis Gigabit und von Kupfer bis Glasfaser sowie Power over Ethernet. Die gemanagten Ethernet-Switches von Advantech bieten die X-Ring-Technologie, die kürzeste ...
  • Industrial Wireless

    Die industriellen drahtlosen Lösungen von Advantech reichen von den kosteneffizienten APs/CPEs des Einsteigersegments bis zu den multifunktionalen Mesh-APs/Stationen des Highend-Segments. Zur Berücksichtigung aller Arten von Anwendungen und ihren Anforderungen bieten wir verschiedene Frequenzkonfigurationen von den ...
  • Serial Device Servers

    Die seriellen Geräteserver von Advantech können einfach installiert und konfiguriert werden. Sie unterstützen kabelgebundene und kabellose Netzwerke und bieten verschiedene Betriebsmodi, mit denen die strengen Anforderungen der industriellen Automatisierung erfüllt werden können. Die digitalen Geräteserver der EKI-1000-...
  • WebAccess HMI/SCADA-Software

    WebAccess ist ein über einen Webbrowser arbeitendes Softwarepaket von Advantech für HMI- und SCADA-Applikationen. Alle Funktionen herkömmlicher HMI- und SCADA-Programme wie animierte Grafikdisplays, Echtzeitdaten, Steuerung, Trends, Alarme und Protokolle sind in einem Standard-Webbrowser unter HTML5 verfügbar. Das “Cockpit”...
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