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Advantech Intelligent Hospital Video

Video | 1/6/2015

Discover latest Advantech iHospital solutions from intelligent outpatient services, quality nursing care, integrated operating room to green hospital. Advantech helps hospital managers to provide high-tech while patient-centered experience.

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  • Richard Wolf GmbH Uses POC-W211 to Create New Integrated Operating Room Solutions

    Richard Wolf GmbH Uses POC-W211 to Create New Integrated Operating Room Solutions

    Case Studies 7/9/2014
    Richard Wolf GmbH, a leading company with over 1,400 employees, was founded in 1947 by Annemarie and Richard Wolf. They offer global service and training in medical technology as well as the manufacture of endoscopic diagnosis and treatment equipment. With over a century of family background in the...
  • Advantech’s PIT-1502W: Helping Doctors Bring Relief to Cardio Patients
  • All you want to know about Touchscreen Technology

    All you want to know about Touchscreen Technology

    WhitePaper 3/26/2014
    Medical computers with touchscreen technology need to meet stringent medical standards.Completely sealed for easy cleaning and touchable with gloves to perform accurate touch-based inputs in patient records in medical celan rooms like operating theaters are a must. Avoiding additional physical keys...
  • AMiS-50 Integrated Medical Cart Optimizes Patient Care at Chengdu First People’s Hospital
  • Advantech Delivers Advanced Mobile PACS Viewing System to Hanyang University Guri Hospital
  • Advantech Delivers Smart Hospital Solutions to King Khalid University Hospital
  • KIMES 2014

    KIMES 2014

    EventsAdvantech | 1/9/2014
    KIMES is the 30th Korea international medical & hospital equipment show. This exhibition is eager to contribute to the expansion of exports and the improvement of health care facilities, hospital equipment and modernization of the development of the domestic medical device industry.
  • Arab Health 2014

    Arab Health 2014

    EventsAdvantech | 1/9/2014
    Arab Health is the largest medical health care exhibition & congress in the Middle East. and Asia, attracting visitors and delegates from countries and regions that include Middle East, North Africa, Asia and Europe. Visitors will benefit from meeting global industry leaders from regional, na...
  • conhIT 2014

    conhIT 2014

    EventsAdvantech | 1/9/2014
    The annual highlight in the field of Healthcare IT is taking place in Berlin from 6 to 8 May 2014: conhIT - Connecting Healthcare IT. This is where manufacturers, users and representatives from the political and scientific communities meet. conhIT 2014 is an industry trade show, congress, and aca...
  • Introduction of Digital Healthcare

    Introduction of Digital Healthcare

    Video 11/18/2013
    Introducing you the Advantech Digital Healthcare. We envisions becoming the premium healthcare solution provider with 3 distinct application focuses. They are: Intelligent Outpatient Services, Quality Nursing Care, and the Integrated Operating Room. We offer a complete range of products from Hosp...
  • AMiS, Integrated Mobile Medical Cart

    AMiS, Integrated Mobile Medical Cart

    Video 11/6/2013
    The AMiS integrated medical cart is designed to optimize the patient care process and enable mobile point-of-care. Both AMiS-50 and AMiS-60 are built with high performance computing capability, while AMiS-30 is laptop-ready medical cart. Wireless connectivity increases the accuracy of medical record...
  • Anesthesiology with the POC-W211 Point-of-Care Terminal at One of the World’s Leading Teaching H...

    Case Studies 8/5/2013
    One of the top ten teaching hospitals in the United States, with more than 40 years of service handling over 32,000 cases a year, has an exceptional team of anesthesia physicians, nurses and staff. The hospital chose Advantech’s POC-W211 Point-of-Care terminals, arm-mounting them on the wal...
  • Guangzhou Overseas Chinese Hospital Adopts AMiS-50 to Promote Patient-Centered Ambulatory Medical Service

    Guangzhou Overseas Chinese Hospital Adopts AMiS-50 to Promote Patient-Centered Ambulatory Medica...

    Case StudiesAdvantech | 7/3/2013
    The Guangzhou Overseas Chinese Hospital is a Grade III Level A general hospital that provides services across various fields of medicine, teaching, scientific research, prevention, health care and recovery. From 2010 to 2012, the hospital has been honored as one of the “Top Ten Grade III Le...
  • MICA-101


    Video 5/23/2013
  • Going Mobile at Point-of-Care

    Going Mobile at Point-of-Care

    Video 5/23/2013

    Going Mobile at Point-of-Care

  • AMiS "5i" Medical Cart

    AMiS "5i" Medical Cart

    VideoMCD | 5/23/2013

    AMiS "5i" Medical Cart

  • Advantech 18 inch Healthcare Infotainment Terminals in daily use at The Netherlands Cancer Insti...

    VideoYouTube | 5/14/2013
    Advantech's Bedside terminal, the HIT-W181 is used in the patient rooms of the Netherlands Cancer Intitute. This solution was installed by Lincor using MEDIVista. It benefits for both the patient as well as the medical staff and is installed at all 180 beds in their facility. It gives the me...
  • POC-W211IP54 Product Flash

    POC-W211IP54 Product Flash

    VideoAdvantech | 5/6/2013

    See the introduction of POC-W211 IP54 Wide screen Point-of-Care terminal

  • FROST & SULLIVAN AWARD - Advantech Named “2012 Company of the Year” in the Medical-Grade PC Market

    FROST & SULLIVAN AWARD - Advantech Named “2012 Company of the Year” in the Medical-Grade PC Mark...

    Technology HighlightAdvantech | 3/22/2013

    Frost & Sullivan is well-known for providing market research and analysis, growth strategy consulting and corporate training services. This year, the company presented its best in-class 2012 European Company of the Year award to Advantech for its best-in-class, medical-grade PC products.

  • Manageability of Computerized Medical Equipment - Intel® Active Management Technology Facilitates Remote Management

    Manageability of Computerized Medical Equipment - Intel® Active Management Technology Facilitate...

    Technology HighlightIntel | 3/19/2013
    Hospitals today are being transformed into sophisticated medical facilities with computer-based medical equipment and intelligent, connected medical devices. Healthcare facilities are becoming digitized and networked, with a wide array of high-tech medical devices supplying data to a centralized...
  • POC W211 IPX4 Test Video

    POC W211 IPX4 Test Video

    VideoAdvantech | 3/6/2013

    This video introduces how the POC-W211 passes the IPX4 water splash test. In this test, the POC-W211 is turned on before the test begins. The water jets shoot toward the center from a 180-degree semicircle, with a mean flow rate, per jet, of point zero seven liters per minute...

  • The Source is At Your Fingertips: Bacteria-laden keyboards are a growing threat

    The Source is At Your Fingertips: Bacteria-laden keyboards are a growing threat

    Industry FocusClifton Broumand, The Big Cheese, Man & Machine, Inc. | 2/1/2013
    It is widely understood that computer keyboards play a role in breeding bacteria, fostering the growth of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs), including methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and other superbugs.In fact, computer keyboards are among the five most bacterialaden surf...
  • Advantech Europe Service Center

    Advantech Europe Service Center

    VideoOndernemend Nederland RTL7 | 1/23/2013

    Interview with Michael Bhagwandien talking about the evolution of the company in the last 30 years and the necessity of further computer technology integration inside hospitals

  • Intelligent System for Hemodialysis

    Case StudiesE.M.A., Mr. Jacques-Olivier Tchenio | 1/16/2013

    Kidney disease and acute renal failure cause kidneys to lose their ability to filter and remove waste and extra fluid from the body. Hemodialysis is a process that uses a man-made semi-permeable membrane (dialyzer) to remove waste from the blood during treatment.

  • MaSanté’s MonAmi and Advantech HIT Terminals Improve the Patient Experience at Hospitals in Fran...

    Case StudiesMaSanté, Mr. Alexandre De Jonghe | 1/16/2013


    Make your hospital administration more efficient. How to increase patient care from 8 effective minutes a day to ... read the full story!

  • Electronic Medical Records Are Streamlining Healthcare

    Electronic Medical Records Are Streamlining Healthcare

    Industry FocusMr. Steven Yeo, General Manager of HIMSS Analytics Asia Pacific | 12/27/2012
    Patient medical records are transforming medical care as electronic medical records (EMR) are fast becoming the norm. There is good reason too; hospitals deploying digital technologies will save money, increase safety, reduce risk and provide more efficient care to patients. Incentive payments ar...
  • Mobile Clincial Assistant

    Mobile Clincial Assistant

    Der Mobile Clinical Assistant (MCA) von Advantech basiert auf der Intel MCA-Referenzarchitektur und bietet den Nutzern einen einzigartigen Informationsvorsprung durch die Bereitstellung von ethnographischen Forschungsergebnissen und Studien zu Krankenhausabläufen und durch umfassende Konsultationen mit Healthcare-Experten, ...
  • Healthcare Infotainment Terminal

    Healthcare Infotainment Terminal

    Das Healthcare-Infotainment-Terminal ist ein Patienten-Terminal, das Multimedia-Entertainment- und Kommunikationsfunktionen bietet. Healthcare-Infotainment-Terminals bieten auch für das medizinische Personal große Vorteile, da Sie den sicheren Fernzugriff auf elektronische Patientendaten mit einem optimierten Krankenhaus-...
  • Computerized Nursing Cart

    Computerized Nursing Cart

    Der AMiS – einschließlich AMiS-50 und AMiS-60 – ist ein integrierter Visitewagen, mit dem die Patientenbetreuung optimiert und ein mobiler Point-of-Care bereitgestellt wird. Der AMiS ist nach EN60601-1, UL60601-1 und IEC60601-1 zertifiziert. Er besitzt ein nahtloses Design und fungiert als intelligenter mobiler ...
  • Medizinische Computerprogramme

    Medizinische Computerprogramme

    Das Medical Computing-Team der Design & Manufacturing Services von Advantech (Medical DMS) stellt den Kunden eine breite Palette an individualisierten und zertifizierten medizinischen Computing-Systemen bereit. Das umfasst die ODM-Serie der medizinischen POCs (Point-Of-Care), medizinische Anzeigegeräte, medizinische Panel-...

  • Patient Infotainemnt Terminal

    Patient Infotainemnt Terminal

    Das Patienten-Infotainment-Terminal stellt umfangreiche Multimedia-Entertainment- und Kommunikationsfunktionen für die Patienten bereit. Patienten-Infotainment-Terminals bieten auch für das medizinische Personal große Vorteile, da Sie den sicheren Fernzugriff auf elektronische Patientendaten mit einem optimierten ...
  • Medical Display

    Medical Display

    Die PDC-Serie ist nach EN60601-1, UL60601-1 und IEC60601-1 zertifiziert. Sie umfasst hochwertige medizinische Anzeigegeräte mit kontrastreichen LCD-Displays für allgemeine medizinische Anwendungen wie Endoskopie, CT-Diagnosen, Röntgen und PCKS. Die PDC-Serie besitzt ein wasserabweisendes Gehäuse der Schutzklasse IPX1 sowie ...

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