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Digital Signage

Advantech provides the latest large-screen, interactive marketing tools for interactive self-service functions in public signage and kiosk applications. These communication platforms deliver public or commercial information. They may be used for digital signage and digital out-of-home advertising as well as interactive self-service terminals.


Digital signage is also widely used in schools, corporate offices, and government authorities. Schools, companies and government offices are now taking advantage of the benefits from the ability to update visual and audio messaging across multiple sites...

Hotel & Hospitality

Digital signage in the hospitality industry is second hottest only to general public advertisement displays. Within hotel reception areas, pubs, bars, restaurants and casinos, it is being used by owners to take advantage of the benefits from the ability to update visual and audio messaging...


Transportation centers such as commuter train stations, airports, subways, rail lines, buses and others, provide an approach to deliver targeted information and advertisements to a captive audience during a consumer’s daily commute or other travel...

Retail / Restaurant

When a customer enters a store these days, the shop owner is hoping to catch their attention. Shoppers are expecting to have the best shopping experience possible. With every store vying for the almighty consumer dollar, retail digital signage systems give retailers a variety of tools and applications,...

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